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Hyperion Design can assist you in navigating the array and complexity of the heritage approval process by providing you with all the documentation that you will require.

We are experts in heritage interpretation planning, heritage impact assessment, management planning, and policy writing.

We also specialise in archival photographic recording of heritage items, archaeological sites, buildings, environments and moveable objects – including commercial, residential, and industrial zones, cultural sites and indigenous art. Every report is completed in accordance with Heritage NSW’s guidelines.

Our archival images are suitable to meet DA requirements by local councils, or for state and federal government specific requests for documentation on commercial or domestic properties, construction sites, places or items.

Some locations we have worked on include:

  • Windsor Bridge Replacement Project – Interpretation Strategy, Plan and Implementation
  • Bondi Pavilion – Archival Recording
  • Prince Henry Hospital Site, Chapel – Heritage Impact Statement, Archival Recording, Heritage Advice
  • Lindlegreen Barn – CMP and Conservation Works
  • Hammerhead Crane, Garden Island – Photographic, Video & Timelapse
  • Sydney Opera House Concert Hall & Concourse – Archival Recording & Documentation
  • Sydney Town Hall – Documentation & Archival Recording
  • Australian National University Buildings – Documentation & Archival Recording
  • Sydney University Buildings – Documentation
  • Upper Canal – Conservation Works, Archival Recording
  • Taronga Zoo – Multiple Area Archival Recording

Check out our heritage interpretation specialist, Kylie Christian, speaking about a previous project she was involved in.

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