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Apr 18, 2021 | Heritage, Lindlegreen Barn

Lindlegreen Barn Conservation Management Plan

Lindlegreen Barn

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The update to this Conservation Management Plan (CMP), completed by the team at Hyperion Design, has been funded by the NSW Government through a heritage grant. The objective of this project was to provide an up-to-date response to the building’s heritage requirements by ensuring that details contained in the CMP were accurate, based on primary evidence, and applicable to the continued usage of the building.

Heritage Significance – Lindlegreen Barn
The Lindlegreen Barn, 2509 O’Connell Road, O’Connell NSW, is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register (SHR) as an item of State significance (gazetted 24 August 2018). It is also listed on Schedule 5 – Items of Environmental Heritage of the Oberon Shire LEP 2013 as an item of local heritage significance which includes the ‘pisé barn, slab barn, post office, shop and cottage’.

Lindlegreen Barn’s significance is demonstrable within the criteria, with its identification as an item of State significance supported through the investigations. It also acknowledges that it is a very rare survivor of a vernacular cob building erected west of the Blue Mountains.

Extensive primary research has been carried out and analysis shows that there is no conclusive documentary evidence to either prove or disprove the contention that the Lindlegreen Barn was built in 1827 for Thomas Hassall. Vernacular buildings are very hard to date as the building materials are not confined to a particular date range relating to their manufacture, rather the materials were all gathered locally.

The association with the other ‘store’ buildings on the same site is not slight, as the buildings appear to all be constructed in the same manner. Three dates have been suggested for the construction of the store: 1834, 1852 and 1859. 

Review of the historical evidence establishes that all three are possible, however, in the light of the lease between the church and Daniel Nolan, the latter date, 1859, appears to be the most likely.

The Statement of Significance states:

The Lindlegreen Barn at O’Connell is of state heritage significance as a rare example of cob construction. It showcases early colonial builders’ early reliance on the cob construction technique, using a mix of shale, clay, straw and water, to build substantial walled structures due to the difficulty in sourcing other building materials.